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Wholesale Quote Request


    Check the website in order to find out the correct product name and code, then click the button below to ADD products to your quote

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    This section is reserved to companies/professionals owner of a VAT number: (caterers, chefs, restaurants, cookery schools, etc.).The form you can see has been made to help you while requesting a quote.
    Price can be 14% to 50% off, if compared with price that you see on the website.Italbees di Giorgio Barbero
    Via Pigafetta 61, 10129 Torino (TO), Italy


    Asking for a quote

    You can compose your request searching products into the website looking in the “Shop window” and in the “Archive” then completing the form.

    You will receive a complete answer and quote within 3/4 working days.
    You will know if products are available, their price, the shipping costs and further instruction to complete your order.

    Foods are shipped directly from the producers (based in different parts of Italy).

    Order management: if you decide to buy from 2 or more companies you will receive 2 or more different quotes and you will purchase closing 2 or more different orders.
    Payment conditions: payment made through paypal directly to the producers.
    Shipping costs: they may change depending on the quantity/kind of food.


    Quote Example

    quantity 2 code “Hamper PA02-A” > will be considered 2 entire hampers
    quantity 3 code “Product SA01-J “ > will be considered 3 unit of this item (product)

    Regarding single spare product only included in hampers, just ask for them in the NOTE space at the end of the form.